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Why us? What makes us different?

There are a ton of videographers out there, but we believe that every one is different and has something unique to offer. Here is a quick list of things that drive us and make us different from others.

  1. We are happily married. We understand the pressures of planning a wedding and desiring to have a wonderful marriage. We have the honor to be another set of encouragers, supporters, and cheerleaders as you step into one of the hardest, yet very best decisions of your lives!

  2. We focus on capturing you and your fiancé's hearts and the true authentic meaning of marriage.

  3. Our passion for marriage stems from the Bible. We believe marriage should be for life and that it's one of the most beautiful covenants on this planet.

  4. We believe wedding films are meant to be felt, not just seen. We aim to capture your wedding in such a way that 10 years from now when you are watching your film, you feel the very same nervousness, joy, and happiness you felt on that day.

  5. We take on a very small amount of weddings every year. This way we can serve each one of our couple's with the care and attention they deserve. For us, it’s quality over quantity.

  6. We're always here. We care deeply about you and want to make sure that every question or concern you may have is resolved promptly. We are praying for you, your wedding day, and your marriage.

  7. We strive to give you peace of mind. We have been crafting wedding films since 2014 and are passionate about serving others. Our commitment to excellence and our countless hours of experience ensures that your videography experience goes flawlessly and that you cherish your film(s) forever.

We aren’t here to say we’re “better” than others or try to sell you on things you don’t need. We want to work with couples who are the best fit for us just like we hope you find the videographer who is best for you. If you have questions or concerns, you can literally just call us up. It may seem awkward, but we embrace the weird moments and understand how big wedding planning decisions can be. If you are still on the fence about whether or not videography is even worth the time or money, we encourage you to check out our article below.


We have Limited Availability for 2020 | Now booking for 2021

2020 Wedding film investments start at $2,250


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Although weddings are our life, we understand that you may have some questions. Here are our most asked questions.

Client Reviews

Sometimes it feels good to see what others have to say. Here are a few testimonials we've collected over the years.